On Blast: Atlanta Gay Bar Owner Under Fire After Racist Posts Surface

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When are we as progressives going to learn that the Progressive Movement is not every man and woman for themselves? In a political climate in which queer people need to be banding together with women, trans people, and people of color more than ever, we still don’t seem to be sticking to the “love thy neighbor” rule. Case in point: The owner of an LGBTQ-friendly bar in Atlanta is facing backlash for calling President Obama a racial slur. *Headsmack*

Screenshots of posts by Palmer Marsh, the owner of the popular bar Burkhart’s, have been circulating on social media since Friday, and they are not pretty. In addition to calling Obama a “stupid nigger,” Marsh claimed in 2015 that “[America] would be a hell of a lot better off” if “the South had won.” *Double headsmack*

Marsh also bragged that year about owning a Confederate flag and defending it against haters. *Triple headsmack* *Pops Advil because head hurts now*

In response, the general manager of the bar, Don Hunnewell, recently released a statement to a local Georgia publication and stressed how “awesome” the staff of the bar was and how they deserved to still keep their jobs.

“Yesterday it took everything I had to soldier on and not terminate my employment agreement,” he wrote. “I have an immediate obligation to those dedicated [staff members] and once their lives are stabilized I will seek new opportunities.”

He added, “Palmer and Mary Marsh have been retired since I arrived as GM (General Manager) and have had no active participation in the operations.” Huh? “Active” participation? They still OWN the place. That’s not passive participation.

The website for Burkhart’s is full of pix with dudes hanging with dudes and drag queens strutting their stuff. Many of the patrons are PoC. 

Marsh, Marsh, Marsh! People like Palmer Marsh can’t pretend that they’re progressive because they own a gay bar. If they want to move our country forward, then they need to embrace everyone. The same goes for the queer and trans folks who are falling in line with Marsh despite his racism. If we want to take down our common enemy (straight conservative white dudes) we need to get in formation with PoC.

Or maybe Palmer and Mary Marsh are also homophobes, and we’ll find out next week that they called Neil Patrick Harris a “faggot” in a post from, like, two weeks ago. They’re just full of surprises at this point!

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