Nazi, Holocaust Denier Arthur Jones Running As Illinois Republican Congressional Nominee


A Holocaust-denier who has unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for Illinois’ Third Congressional District no less than five times, is poised to finally win the nomination this year. What a coincidence that this is happening during the same year that the President of the United States called a group of white nationalists “some very fine people.”

Arthur Jones, who is literally described as a “Nazi” by the Republican Party, is running unopposed for the Congressional spot. Apparently, the Illinois Republican Party said it had difficulty finding anyone to run against Jones because the district he’s attempting to represent is so heavily Democratic. “Can’t they just, like, not let him run, since he’s a Nazi?” you might ask. Well, actually, yes. According to the New York Times, the state’s Republican Party has actually removed Jones from the ballot in the past by questioning the legitimacy of some of his signatures. It seems to be an unfortunate coincidence that they aren’t pursuing similar tactics in a year when white nationalism has broken into mainstream politics.

To their credit, the Republican Party of Illinois is loudly distancing themselves from Jones, but the damage is already done: An avowed white nationalist is now being given the platform to force his horrific racist views on our planet.

And in case you aren’t already convinced Jones is a terrible person, he recently told the Times that “what we call civilization today is a product for the most part of white genius.” But did you really need that? Like if the Republican Party is calling someone a Nazi, then that dude is legitimately a Nazi.

Also, how is the Holocaust a conspiracy? Like, does Jones mean the Holocaust was a conspiracy to ensure that Hollywood had material for, like, 70 years of Oscar-winning films? Because in that case, we would like to personally thank whomever invented the Holocaust.


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