‘Family Guy’s Stewie To Come Out With Help From Therapist Ian McKellen

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After a lifetime of hanging out at gay bars, demonstrating a keen love for theater, and sashaying through life with the voice of a retired high school chorus instructor, Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin is finally coming to terms with his sexuality.

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America’s favorite melodramatic baby will reportedly answer the longstanding question of his orientation in an episode slated for next month. Hmm, we wonder what the answer will be!  

The moment will happen in an appointment with Stewie’s therapist, who will appropriately be voiced by Ian McKellen. But apparently this will only be “the tip of the iceberg” in terms of what the episode addresses, which means we can also expect a deep dive into Stewie’s mommy issues, daddy issues, and all other issues related to being a fully-functioning adult trapped in the body of an infant child.

The episode will focus solely on the appointment between Stewie Griffin and his therapist, so maybe we’ll also witness some draaaaaama between Stewie and Ian McKellen. Perhaps Stewie will get so annoyed by his therapist’s invasive observations that Stewie will resort to one of his Machiavellian schemes to get revenge — say, by attempting to revoke the therapist’s license or by threatening his friends and family. You know, typical cute baby stuff.

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Naturally, this moment has been a long time coming. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane said in 2009 that he would write an episode in which Stewie comes out, but added four years later that he hadn’t “decided” whether Stewie was gay or not.

Now, Stewie’s sexuality will no longer be “vague” to viewers, which could potentially be a powerful statement in the era of Trump. But then again, this is also Family Guy, so Stewie could also pull a fast one on us. After all this hype, Stewie might just end up saying he’s straight and troll the entire country. Honestly, we wouldn’t put it past him.

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