Another Stunt Or Did Rapper Tyler The Creator Just Come Out?


Is rapper/producer Tyler, The Creator coming out or is this another Loiter Squad-esque prank? The Odd Future founder has been coy about his sexuality before, but his latest album, Scum Fuck Flower Boy, which was leaked almost two weeks ahead of its official July 21 launch, has fans speculating that he’s finally kicking open the closet door.

The new record drops pretty direct same-sex love/lust lyrics. Check out “I Ain’t Got Time!” where he says he’s been smooching men of European descent for the last thirteen years, literally:

“Next line will have ’em like ‘Whoa’ / I been kissing white boys since 2004.”

Then on “Garden Shed,” he drops:

“Them feelings I was guardin’, heavy on my mind/All my friends lost, they couldn’t read the signs/I didn’t wanna talk and tell ’em my location, and they ain’t wanna walk/Truth is, since a youth kid, thought it was a phase, Thought it’d be like the Frank; poof, gone, but, it’s still goin’ on”image

He had already hinted he was gay with a tweet from 2015: “I TRIED TO COME OUT THE DAMN CLOSET LIKE FOUR DAYS AGO AND NO ONE CARED HAHAHHAHAHA,” that most took for a joke.

Tyler hasn’t exactly been a GLAAD spokesman. In his 2011 release, Goblin, he used the word “faggot” or its variants, over 200 times. He told NME, “I’m not homophobic. I just think ‘faggot’ hits and hurts people. It hits. And ‘gay’ just means you’re stupid. I don’t know, we don’t think about it, we’re just kids. We don’t think about that shit. But I don’t hate gay people. I don’t want anyone to think I’m homophobic.”

If he were to come out, he’d join Odd Future collective collaborators Frank Ocean and The Internet’s Sydney (Syd the Kyd) Bennett.


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