Esther The Wonder Pig And Her Two Daddies Are Going Hollywood


Move over, Miss Piggy. Back up, Babe. Watch your back, Wilbur. There’s a new piggy out to conquer Tinseltown. The producers behind animal rescue films Free Willy and Hotel for Dogs, have hired writers to develop a screenplay based on the improbable tail of a gay couple who adopted a piglet who grew into a…

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DesertIslandDownloads LoveConnie

‘Desert Island Downloads’ With Drag Clown Love Connie

Comedy, Exclusive  

The altered-ego of actor John Cantwell, Love Connie is a cyclone of 70s and 80s film, music, theatre references. Her live shows are multi-media drag extravaganza dance comedy jams, aggressively choreographed tributes to pop gods, scream queens and camp/cult film/tv shows. In a world of forgettable, lip-synching automatons, there is no one like Connie. Body…

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First Look: Trailer, Poster For Almodovar’s Reunion With Banderas, Cruz


Fans of filmmaker Pedro Almodovar and superstars Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas rejoice! The latest, much-anticipated cinematic collabo between the trio will be unspooling soon, in Spain at least. The trailer and poster for Dolor y Gloria aka Pain & Glory, have finally arrived. The official synopsis describes the film concerning, “first loves, second loves,…

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‘Top Chef Master’ James Oseland’s Memoir Details Punk Coming Of Age

Entertainment, Featured  

Jimmy Neurosis: A Memoir About “Being Young and Gay During the 1970s Punk Revolution in America” is James Oseland’s raw, riveting coming-of-age memoir about his tumultuous teen years between 1977 and 1980. Long before he was an award-winning food writer and editor and a judge on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, Oseland was an awkward, bullied, gay…

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Oscar Goes Gay: ‘Hurricane Bianca 2’ Tops Academy Award Nominations


In an attempt to seem less homophobic after hiring known homophobe Kevin Hart as its Oscars host for two days, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded all of its Oscar nominations in 2019 to gay movies, including 14 nominations to the cinematic disaster Hurricane Bianca 2: From Russia with Hate.   After doling…

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Doll Parts: Let’s Cast Barbie Movie Starring Margot Robbie

Comedy, Featured  

Last week, Warner Brothers and Mattel announced a star for their live-action Barbie movie, thus breathing new life into a project that had originally been an Amy Schumer vehicle. This iteration features a touching, body-positive storyline about loving yourself unconditionally. Now, in the time-honored tradition of having Barbie look like she just finished doing several…

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Flagrant Flashback: Mr Showmanship Shares His Sticky Buns In ‘Liberace Cooks’

Entertainment, Featured  

What can one do to quell ever-frequent presidential assassination fantasies? One cozy, escapist idea is to dive headfirst into the vintage book Liberace Cooks!: Hundreds of Delicious Recipes For You from His Seven Dining Rooms as told to food critic Carol Truax. Gratitude to Carol, though Wikipedia states she joined the spirit world before co-author…

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Pull Up To The Bumper: Dolph Lundgren On “Exhausting” Grace Jones Orgies

Entertainment, Featured  

Currently back on screen in the smash hit Creed II, action star Dolph Lundgren recently reminisced on his torrid relationship with the iconic diva Grace Jones. In 1983, Lundgren had been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to MIT and was on track to be a chemical engineer. He got sidetracked when Grace spotted him across a…

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R.I.P. Gay Rights Activist, Filmmaker Pat Rocco

Entertainment, Featured, Politics  

A largely-unsung giant of the LGBTQ rights movement, Pat Rocco was truly a Renaissance man. A singer on a popular TV series, a self-taught filmmaker, a gay rights pioneer and a homeless advocate, Rocco died November 8. He was 84. He was born in 1934 in New York, and as a child, sang to entertain…

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Stormy Daniels Canonized By Activist Drag Queens


Dubbed “Saint Tempestuous, Eye of the Hurricane of Truth and Stormer of the Barricades of Intolerance,” adult entertainer/thorn in Trump’s side Stormy Daniels was recently canonized by activist drag queen nuns The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Daniels was performing at San Francisco’s Penthouse Club as part of her national strip club tour when The Sisters…

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