From Dawson To Diplo: James Van Der Beek Is Not Basic


Now 40, James Van Der Beek continues to distance himself from the role that made him a late ‘90s heartthrob, introspective dreamer Dawson Leery. Next up for Van Der Beek, a comic, satirical take on EDM/superstar DJ, Diplo. What Would Diplo Do? has been described as, “Louie meets WorldStar HipHop crossed with This Is Spinal…

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Who Is The Hottest News Man?

Exclusive, Featured  

If this new presidential administration has accomplished anything at all, it’s made us addicted to watching news programs. With the news more depressing than ever and as we watch our civil rights being potentially stripped away, it helps just a bit to have the hourly horrors delivered by appealing gentlemen, such as Gio Benitez or…

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Insane Clown Hysteria Sweeps Politics And Queer Pop Culture

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If you share a computer with your partner, don’t you hate it when it’s finally your turn to surf the Net and all you see is news about clowns? We all know this is a fact, especially after the 2016 election. Clowns, jesters and fools on all the news cycles. On Halloween night 2016, this…

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Eight Questions For BearCity Trilogy Cub Alex Di Dio

Entertainment, Exclusive  

A mix of Growlr action and Sex and the City outrageousness, the BearCity film series is signing off with a third and final chapter. The original BearCity was released in 2010, followed by BearCity 2: The Proposal in 2012. The romantic comedies won over critics and fans alike with the sweet, sexy, funny, disarming tale…

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At Home With Amy Sedaris Is Just As Deranged As You Want It To Be

Comedy, Featured  

If you weren’t already looking forward to seeing Amy Sedaris offer her unique spin on good housekeeping, you probably will after watching this first preview clip. The comic actress, best known for her unforgettable turn as user-boozer-loser high school drop-in Jerri Blank in Strangers With Candy and countless guest appearances on sitcoms and talk shows,…

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Anthony Scaramucci And His Potty Mouth Get Owned By Mario Cantone


Melissa McCarthy might be out of her nighttime gig sending up former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live, but thankfully Mario Cantone has filled the comedy void as livewire Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. The Sex and the City star has been employed by Comedy Central’s The President Show to ridicule portray…

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Cartoonish President To Become Animated Series This Fall


Showtime has greenlit 10 episodes of a cartoon series from Executive Producer Stephen Colbert about President Trump, his family and comrades, which will debut this Fall. A press release claims the series, “will present the truish adventures of Trump’s confidants and bon vivants – family, top associates, heads of government, golf pros and anyone else…

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Military Trans Policy Unchanged For Now


Trump’s ban on trans people serving in the military took most of the world by complete surprise, among them, many of the “Generals and military experts” he claimed to have consulted prior to his governing-by-tweet dick move Wednesday morning. Reuter’s news service claims an anonymous source said the tweets were very “unexpected” to Marine General…

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Thirsty Thursday: Chef Franco Noriega


Peru’s hottest export since the emergence of Peruvian Flake (aka Mama Coca) is the multi-hyphenate slab of South American beef known as Franco Noriega. The Competitive Swimmer-Fashion Model-Jewelry Designer-Restauranteur-Chef-#Instastud opened his Peruvian restaurant Baby Brasa in New York’s Lower East Side last year. With a favorable average of 4 out 5 stars on Yelp, Baby…

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Attorney General Sessions Moves To Allow LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination

Featured, Politics  

Attorney General Jeff Sessions used the Department of Justice to file a brief in favor of allowing companies to fire LGBTQ+ employees because of their sexual orientation. The DOJ brief argues that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act does not cover sexual orientation as a category protected from workplace discrimination. The arguments states that…

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