Under A Big Top: Jackman, Efron Unite In ‘Greatest Showman’ Trailer


A new trailer for The Greatest Showman, a new movie musical starring Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum, has Hugh doing all the things that Hugh loves: singing, twirling, stomping, and being within 20 feet of Zac Efron.

Barnum, who is frequently credited as the “inventor” of show business, has a life that naturally fits into the rhythms of a movie musical. He’s exuberant, flamboyant, eccentric, and friendly towards marginalized citizens. Sure enough, a major plot point seems to involve Barnum giving a new lease on life to several “circus freaks” such as one Bearded Lady who looks like Ginger Minj. It’s all like American Horror Story: Freak Show, but with less cold-blooded murder.

It’s been five years since Hugh last starred in a movie musical, and The Greatest Showman is a far cry from Les Miserables. Compared to Les Mis, Showman seems louder, more colorful, more joyful, and more like a Katy Perry video. Hugh is in full maybe-gay mode, strutting his stuff like the Big Top he is. Zac Efron shows up briefly to woo Zendaya and come out to his dad (as a circus entertainer, silly), but we all know he’d rather be swinging on Hugh’s, uh, trapeze. Actually, that would be more entertaining than Zac and Zendaya getting together, considering their couple name would still be … Zendaya.

Anyway, there’s also an appearance from Michelle Williams, who plays Barnum’s supportive wife as he founds the world’s first circus and tries desperately not to stare at Zac Efron’s abs.

Step right up and watch the latest trailer for the film and for a teaser of the movie’s music (written by the dudes who scored La La Land) and a few glimpses of Hugh Jackman in tight pants.

It all looks like more fun than dozens of little clowns emerging from a tiny car.


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