Bjork Returns With New Album, Wants Collabo With Nina Bo’Nina Brown

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Bjork and Nina Bo’Nina Brown have a lot in common: They both like to put weird shit on their faces, and … uh … They’re both … human. OK, so maybe they don’t have a lot in common. But Bjork still wants to collaborate with Nina Bo’Nina Boo Radley Osama Bin Laden Brown after watching her on RuPaul’s Drag Race with her daughter. (Side-note: Can Bjork be all of our moms? She reportedly embarked on an epic game of “dress up” with her daughter after watching Nina’s season.)

Anyway, the idea of a collaboration came up recently when a radio show host asked Bjork if her new album’s song, “Sue Me,” was a reference to Nina Bo’Nina Boo You Whore Brown’s catchphrase from Season 9.

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You will not believe this, but the Nina Bo’Nina reference was after,” she said. “It’s some zeitgeist.”

“Yeah, it was meant to be,” she continued. “I wrote the song before it happened. Maybe I should ask her to do a remix or something.”

Now we’re intrigued. Bjork and Nina are both fringe artists in their respective fields, and they both like to dress up as mystical alien-human-animal creatures that only exist in their imaginations. Perhaps Bjork will feature Nina in her next music video as a sentry from another dimension who also happens to dress up as various fruits?

Bjork just released her latest album, “Utopia”, to mostly positive reviews.

Nina certainly needs a bit of a career boost after recently blaming Valentina fans on the deadly earthquake that struck Mexico. Perhaps Bjork will be able to rehab Nina’s image by placing her in the middle of a utopian Icelandic fairy tale.


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