Good Housekeeping Gets Stranger With Amy Sedaris

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Take your steaming pile of Goop and shove it, Gwyneth dear. There’s a new sheriff in town; and she’s got a new TV show. Comic tsunami and DIY doyenne Amy Sedaris will bring Gay Christmas early this fall with the launch of her 10-episode scripted comedy series At Home With Amy Sedaris. Presenting network TruTV…

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Devil In America: Tony Kushner To Address Trump In Next Play

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In a frank interview with The Daily Beast, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner discussed his plan to write a play about Donald Trump, aging, coming out, the 1980’s and his life in Provincetown with husband Mark Harris.   As a playwright, Tony Kushner is best known for his masterpiece Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia…

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Male Strippers And Murder For Hire, Chippendales To Star Patel And Stiller

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Some of you are too young to remember, but before the “Thunder from Down Under” or “The Men of the Strip” there was the totally ’80s answer to the Playboy models – chiseled, hairless guys in tight, shiny, black satin pants with cuffs, collars and bow ties – The Chippendales, founded in 1979. Oh, did…

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Vaginal Davis In Conversation With Bruce LaBruce, Part Two

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Editor’s Note: This is the second of two installments. In part one, ex-pat artist Vaginal Davis and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce discussed their 30-plus-year-long friendship/working relationship, cookie-cutter Hollywood blockbusters and LaBruce’s newest film, The Misandrists. Their confab concludes below. by Vaginal Davis Vaginal Davis: There are so few films centered around women, and your movie is off…

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How To Jump A Shark In High Heels

Comedy, Featured  

By Joe Fritts We’ve had freaks, comedy and corset queens, and now in an era where West Hollywood’s Pride Parade is scrapped for a decidedly more timely #resist march, RuPaul’s Drag Race has caught the wave and crowned its first activist queen. Thank you and welcome, Sasha Velour. Educate the children on their past, and…

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HRC Goes On The Offensive Against Trump And His Allies

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The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest gay advocacy organization in the US, is set to launch its largest grassroots movement ever to counter the rising assault on LGBTQ rights under the Trump administration. With an investment of $26 million and a hefty increase in staff, the HRC has announced an aggressive plan to boost…

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