Celebs Join The Call To Stop Gun Lobby Influence: #RejectTheNRA


Everytown is a gun safety advocacy nonprofit group that has launched a PSA video to engage all citizens to work toward sensible gun control. After the October 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas, a groundswell of fed-up celebrities signed on to promote Everytown’s mission. Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Adam Scott, Jack Antonoff, Laura Dern, Melissa McCarthy, Moby, Bill Hader, Elizabeth Banks, John Slattery, Sheryl Crow, and Cristal Connors herself, Gina Gershon are some of the folks appearing—sans makeup and flattering lighting—in the instructional video that guides viewers on how to help in five short minutes. Citizens can easily text Everytown, to be immediately connected to their representatives in Congress. From there a message can be left to urge reps to oppose the SHARE Act – Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act aka gun silencers – and concealed reciprocity legislation.

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre in 2014, Julianne Moore started The Creative Council for Everytown for Gun Safety in 2015. It is the organization’s goal to orchestrate a million calls to Congress “until the next vote in 2018 to urge representatives to reject the agenda of the National Rifle Association.”

Watch the video and join the effort for gun safety! Let’s do this! #RejectTheNRA


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