Celebs Pay It Forward By Buying Out Screenings For Love, Simon

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With strong reviews from both critics (a 73 rating on aggregator Metacritic) and audiences (a very rare A+ rating on Cinemascore, which measures movie appeal from actual theatergoers), it’s safe to call the queer-themed rom-dram Love, Simon a hit. Still, there are some LGBTQ folks and our allies that want to make sure this Greg Berlanti-helmed movie, one of the first major studio flicks about a gay teen coming to terms with his sexual orientation, is seen by as huge an audience as possible.

As of this past weekend, the film has grossed $24,325,176, but committed fans such as Matt Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris, and Kristen Bell have bought out screenings in their hometowns to be filled with questioning teens, their families, and friends ,which can only have a solid, positive impact on queer kids in the future.

A reader in upstate New York tells Flagrant that while he realizes Berlanti’s message may be brazenly manipulative, he watched the gay movie in a mall filled with mothers and their children. That’s what we call progress, folks.

Here’s Matt Bomer’s message to folks in his rural Texas hometown:

Neil Patrick Harris’ in Albuquerque.

Kristen Bell’s for her Minneapolis fans.

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