Cher’s Holiday Collection: Fugly Sweaters, Fierce Swag


Hurry! Hurry! Cher’s new line of holiday swag and intentionally fugly Christmas sweaters is selling out fast! Vogue got Cher to take a break from her much-appreciated Trump Twitter takedowns and tell-all about her festive collection.

The pop icon’s “chick crew,” as Cher’s fans call themselves are snatching up the frocks and ornaments. Some items have already sold out on the pop icon’s website. The idea for the collection came from a fan who tweeted that the superstar should create her own line of the popular and deliberately ugly Christmas sweaters, as well as tees, beanies and more with a Cher twist, of course.

Want/need: “Turn Back Time Ugly Purple Sweater” only $48.75

Now in its third iteration, the 2017 holiday designs are getting tons of fan love. The “Ho, Ho, Ho, Bitches” hoodies, the “Cher Merry Christmas Turn Back Time” sweaters, and the wacky mugs and ornaments are all big sellers. Cher’s merry merch is all in keeping with her cheeky, playful, and classy sensibility, as she reveals, “I really have fun with it and it’s, of course, all very positive.”

Those closest to the diva get to experience firsthand Cher’s extra holiday spirit and hijinks, which she throws into everything from decorating to parties, admitting that “it just goes into that kind of insane Christmas mode that you don’t ever want to do again, but you do every year anyway.” Her kids Chaz [Bono] & Elijah [Blue Allman] love their mom’s merriment, especially the hand-made needlepoint stockings she knitted for them while shooting Silkwood back in 1983.

Speaking of nuclear reactions, the always-envelope-pushing fashionista Cher didn’t disappoint at this year’s Billboard Music Awards wearing a sheer bodysuit, pink pasties, strands of jewels, and her iconic black leather jacket. A pioneer of fierce and influential style choices, Cher appreciates that younger ladies, like the Kardashians, are embracing her trademark looks. Too bad they don’t also have the talent of our true Armenian American national treasure.

Showing the children how it’s done at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

There’s no stopping Cher in the new year. Already in the works, the release of “The Cher Show” musical on Broadway, her appearance in the Mamma Mia sequel and hopefully Cher being right on her prez prediction, “I’m so positive about him not being here next year, because he will be in jail.”

As a special holiday treat, here’s Cher, with special guest Chastity/Chaz, in her 1975 Christmas special.

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