Desmond Is Amazing: Pre-Teen Starting Drag Club For Kids

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What were you doing when you were ten, besides thinking of every possible way to get out of gym class? Well, whatever the hell you were doing, Desmond Napoles has you beat. The ten-year-old is in the process of founding his own “drag club” for children, which is not, as you might imagine, a thumping East Village dungeon filled with lit ten-year-olds getting high on grape juice and Smarties. It’s more of an online fan club, in which Desmond (known on social media as “Desmond is Amazing”) is fostering a “positive, encouraging, and safe online community for all drag kids to connect with one another.” It’s pretty incredible, considering (again) that Desmond is ten years old.

The “Haus of Amazing,” as Desmond has dubbed it, was announced on Instagram in October, and has consistently shared words of wisdom and encouragement such as, “Dear haters, your words do not hurt me. I am secure in who I am.”

Desmond was first discovered by the Interwebs in 2015 when a video surfaced of the self-professed “drag kid” getting his goddamned freak on at the New York Pride Parade. In the years since then, he has racked up 15K followers on Insta and opened up about his journey to self-acceptance.

“People should be able to be free and let themselves express how they want, whenever they want,” he recently told Out. “Let them be [his or herself], and if you don’t like how people are, you don’t like yourself.”

Last September, Desmond was invited by The Queen Mother herself, RuPaul, to open DragCon NYC in a ceremonial cutting of the pink ribbon.

Again, what kind of dumb shit were you doing when you were ten? Learning how to make fart noises with your armpit and eating pudding until you threw up?

This kid is the Messiah.

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