First Openly Gay Disney Channel Character Makes ‘Andi Mack’ Of Interest


Finally, an open secret of Disney Channel shows has been given its proper due. As many of us have known for some time, a lot of Disney Channel characters are suuuuuuuuper gay. But until now, no one has come out with the truth. However, that will all change on Friday, when a character named “Cyrus” will come out on the Disney Channel show Andi Mack.

Now, we may be dating ourselves here, but none of us here at Flagrant have any idea who the fuck Andi Mack is or why she has her own show. Also, can TV writers get a little more creative? Why is every gay character named Cyrus now? Unless Andi Mack is actually in the same universe as Scandal, and “Cyrus” is just a younger version of Scandal‘s Cyrus, a la Young Sheldon?? Can someone investigate this? Because then we would FOR SURE definitely watch.

Andi Mack has apparently made waves before, when it revealed that the “older sister” of one of its characters was actually that character’s mother. That’s some Teen Mom BS that would have never been allowed into our living rooms when we were young.

Anyway, this is, like, super progressive or whatever, so we thought we’d report on it. The Disney Channel has never actually had an openly queer character, which is a big deal. And considering Andi Mack is the #1 show among children ages 6 to 14 during its time slot, this is a major platform to roll out a groundbreaking queer storyline.

Now, queer tweens across the country won’t have to speculate on whether their faves are gay … They’ll just know. It will also give them role models on TV so that they won’t be so scared to come out to their friends, or feel the need to secretly watch Will & Grace from the staircase before their conservative parents tell them to go back to bed and stop sinning. Just a totally random example.

Also, the storyline is apparently only running because it has already been approved by GLAAD, PFLAG, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, and Common Sense Media, which is living proof that the Gay Mafia is not only real but controlling your thoughts and feelings.

Here’s Oaken from Frozen, he pings our gaydar like no other recent Disney character:

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