German Drag Queens Go To War Against Neo Nazis


The German federal election will be held on September 24, 2017, in which new members of the Bundestag or German Parliament will be chosen. The new Bundestag majority will then elect a Chancellor who will then form a new government. The current Chancellor is Angela Merkel, who thankfully has provided a sane anchor as “Chancellor of the Free World,” and who has openly displayed her disgust with the current White House occupant’s buffoonery.

In light of Brexit, President Chump, and the unfortunate growth of xenophobic national front groups worldwide, it is of serious concern that the Alternative for Germany (AfD) right wing party are actually in the running for this election. The AfD has already garnered state parliament representation in the recent years that have coincided with the refugee crisis in Europe.Travesty for Germany

The AfD is bad news. Its platform is identical to Nazi ideals and looks backward. Specific official stances include climate change denial, rejection of anything beyond the traditional family (which includes “old gender roles” and opposes feminism), and a call to ban all symbols and aspects of Islam (even the call to prayer) punctuated by the slogan “Islam is not part of Germany.”

In marvelous reaction, Travesty for Germany (Travestie für Deutschland or TfD) has arisen out of Berlin! Founded by renowned drag queen Jacky-Oh Weinhaus, the fictional political party has launched a profound campaign to encourage all of Germany to vote for a “a new, bright, and inspiring future.” With participation from art director Matthias Panitz and copywriter Alexander Winter, TfD is combatting the renewal of Nazism with “art, satire, humor and of course, Drag.” Extravagant election posters created by the activist collective have exploded all over Berlin in the fight to defeat oppressive and hateful voices. Each Travesty for Germany luscious image features a different drag performer with a clever message of anti-Nazi propaganda, showing the power of the fierce and freaky.

Travesty for Germany Jurassica Parka, “one of the most famous drag queens” of Berlin, stands glamorous and takes hilarious aim at the former chairperson of AfD. “I think Frauke Petry (chairwoman of AfD in Saxony) is dumb. And I think there is no law against saying that.”

In her poster, TfD founder Jacky-Oh Wienhaus stares at the camera styled in elegance, icicle earrings framing her scruffy facial hair. She states, “If one of you is voting for AfD (right wing party “Alternative für Deutschland”), I am going to make up you down.” Germans should listen.

Silvery blond Polly Puller identifies herself as one who pees standing up. She schools the voting public in her poster: “What? If you are voting for Nazis, you actually will get Nazis? #NoAfD”

Special mention for performer Bambi Mercury’s message: “The narrow-minded Nazis are not deciding what (who) is part of Germany. #GegenDenHass.” From the looks of her in yards of pearls, opera gloves and Petra Van Kant gown, it is clear Bambi wants the best for ALL Germans.


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