Giggly BFFs Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen To Host CNN NYE Fete


If you thought Christmas Eve was gay, mark your calendars, dears. That New Year’s Eve thing that CNN’s Anderson Cooper copped from Dick Clark (who’s now hosting American Bandstand from the great beyond)? Coop bestie/TV exec Andy Cohen will serve as cohost for this year’s version of the televised Times Square event, now officially called “New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.”

Will you be there on December 31, 2017? In front of your TV getting sloshed to ring in 2018? Does the program title sound drunkenly familiar? That’s because CNN switched out the name Kathy Griffin, after that caustic comedian in May shared a video performance of herself holding a bloody severed head to represent Donald Trump, prompting outrage. In the realm of cable news, stodgy CNN generally maintains a centrist position, and although they are consistently a target of Trumpchange’s childish complaining, they “severed” ties with Griffin after her gory stunt even though she eventually apologized. As we all know, the Cooper/Griffin friendship did not survive the controversy. During her past appearances on CNN’s New Year’s special, it was expected (probably planned for ratings) that Griffin would drop multiple F-bombs, and one occasion she shot back at hecklers by shouting, “I don’t go to your job and knock the dicks out of your mouth.” 

A Bravo network bigwig due to his reality show empire (The Shrill Housewives franchi$e), Cohen currently hosts the nightly “Watch What Happens Live.” Hopefully he and Anderson will have a gay old time in frigid Manhattan during this year’s CNN “New Year’s Eve Live” (in its 11th year, though it seems like 111 years). Perhaps Coop’s mother Gloria Vanderbilt will drop by to fill the risqué humor void and distribute pairs of her vintage designer jeans.

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