Huh? Philippine Strongman Duterte Now Backs Same-Sex Unions

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It turns out that the vengeful, possibly psychopathic President of the Philippines, who has palled around with the Donald and bragged about brutally killing someone as a teenager, might actually do something good for a change.

Presumably in between ordering the murders of scores of wayward drug dealers and suspected drug users (what a buzzkill, maaaan), Rodrigo Duterte found time Sunday to address a congregation of LGBT citizens and declare his backing of same-sex unions.

Like a slightly disappointed dad who just found out his star football player son is actually a big ol’ homo, Duterte couched his approval in hypothetical statements:

“If [same-sex marriage] is the trend of the modern times … If that will add to your happiness, I am for it,” he told his new gay besties in his hometown of Davao City.

Duterte also encouraged his metaphorical gay son to elect LGBT representatives to the government, before adding that he needed only “the brightest” to replace all of the super corrupt people that he fired recently.

“You nominate somebody who is honest, hardworking. I give you until the second week of January to nominate,” he said.

Reportedly, the policy announcement is a major shift for the Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country, and is likely to create tension between Duterte and his country’s top religious leaders. It’s also an about-face for Duterte himself, who has been quoted in the past as saying he does not support same-sex unions. Using the issue to attack Western countries that allow it, especially those that have been critical of his bloody war on drugs.

Notably, if Duterte somehow spearheads the passing of a same-sex marriage bill in the Philippines, his country will become only the second country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. While a handful of countries, such as Israel and Armenia, currently recognize same-sex marriages from other countries, Taiwan is the only Asian country to have legalized the unions. It will begin allowing the unions to take place in 2019.


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