James Comey Pours The Tea, Trump Administration ‘Mob Family’


With his sad eyes, frowny stare, and salt n’ pepper seriousness, James Comey isn’t the kind of guy you’d expect to sit down for a kiki. But alas, he was the life of the kiki last night when he sat down with George Stephanopoulos for a shadefest of historical proportions on “20/20.” In addition to teasing his upcoming Trump tell-all, A Higher Loyalty, Comey dropped enough hot goss about Trump and his administration to heat New York City for the rest of spring.

Here are Comey’s biggest truth bombs:

1 – The Trump administration is like a “mob family” – In addition to labeling attorney general Rod Rosenstein as “dishonorable,” Comey dubbed Trump a “mob boss” and explained that every action of the Trump administration is “about how do you serve the boss [and] what’s in the boss’s interests.” He then added that Trump’s interests have so far eclipsed those of the country’s — which, well, we already noticed when he almost got us nuked because of his pissing contest with Kim Jong Un.

2 – Comey believes Jeff Sessions is in over his head – Comey claimed that his short time working with Sessions led him to believe the man is “over matched” for the job of attorney general and that the job is “much, much bigger” than him. We’re not sure if this is a commentary on Sessions’ incompetence or his diminutive figure, but we’re going to assume both.

3 – The president may have casually obstructed justice – Comey confirmed that Trump held him back after an important meeting to ask him not to go forward with his investigation of disgraced former national security advisor Michael Flynn. We already knew this, but it was still nice to see Comey find catharsis in saying it again on national television.

4 – Trump is morally unfit to serve the country While criticizing Trump, Comey refrained to blame Trump’s incompetence on his mental instability, and instead focused on Trump “broken moral compass.” However, he couldn’t help but add that Trump is prone to unprovoked monologues about such crucial topics as his inauguration crowd size, his undying respect toward woman, and the quality of his unprovoked monologues. We’ll draw our own conclusions from that.

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