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James McAvoy Can’t Stop Talking About Shaving His Privates

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James McAvoy is a very versatile actor. Just take a look at his work in films that range from high dramas such as Atonement to special effects extravaganzas like the X-Men franchise. Yet, while making a guest appearance Wednesday on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the 38-year-old performer once again discussed his “nethers,” as he calls his private parts. While sharing a story about shaving his head for X-Men, Colbert coaxed McAvoy to confess to an incident that happened when he was a teen living with his family and used his grandfather’s razor to shave his balls, pardon, his “nethers.”

You can listen to him tell it himself.

This wasn’t the first or even second time the actor has gone down there in an interview. In a 2013 chat with Vulture, McAvoy sounded off on the topic of lady grooming, arguing that some men also like a smooth landscape: “I think a lot of men shave their, um, their balls and their shaft, but that, that’s just for pornos, which are still technically movies.”

Around the same time, he also admitted how his pubes come to his aid when he films emotional scenes (watch below). Those must be some awesome pubes, James. Feel free to show us sometime.

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