Late Night Hosts Mock Trump’s ‘Standing O’s,’ ‘Love Fest’


“There’s always a funny man in the game

But he’s only funny by mistake

Ev’ryone laughs at him, just the same

They don’t see his lonely heart break”

Young and old hepcats can enjoy and interpret the poignant lyrics of “The Joker” by Sir Anthony Newley, but in this state of the nation, who is the joker, the jester, the fool? Who is the joke on?

In a clip shared today on ABC News Politics, for a moment Secretary of State Rex Tillerson thinks the joke is on him. While touring the legendary parks in Geneva, he and his entourage happened upon a sculpture that struck a chord within the former Exxon CEO. The public art appears to be at least one, maybe two seated figures, head between grasped knees, “curled up in a ball,” emanating despair, similar to the brace position recommended before a plane crash or the duck-and-cover in the event of a nuclear attack. In the footage, Tillerson approaches the statue, checking for a face, stepping on the grass in his fancy shoes to walk around the massive art piece—checking for signs of the Confederacy? “Yeah, some days I feel like I need to do that,” spoketh the white-haired Texan. “Curl up in a ball.” It’s a cold era in Hell when us Flagrant peeps might have any common sentiments with a conservative fat cat like Tillerson. Yet, here we are.

Nighttime talk-show hosts are feeling the same, but unlike Rex they aren’t alluding to symbols to express their disgust with the Draft Dodger in Chief. Last night Jimmy Kimmel read some Trump tweets. The tweets were in response to Senator Jeff Flake—who this week announced he would not run for re-election as a Republican in the politically bad climate of Trump—and Senator Bob Corker’s honestly dire comments doubting the president’s fitness for office. From his bitter juvenile mentality, Trump tweeted repeatedly that during the Republican Unity Lunch, senators gave him “multiple standing ovations,” too lost in his dementia to realize this is the long-standard protocol.

“That’s not really an accomplishment,” quipped Kimmel. “That’s like saying ‘every time I walk into a Starbucks, the guy behind the counter asks me if I want coffee.’

Stephen Colbert also had some fun last night, to distract us from grief. After giving reluctant appreciation for johnny-come-lately Senators Corker, Flake and McCain for speaking truthfully about Trump, Colbert shared portions of The Donald’s outdoors pop-up news conference (“Old Man Yelling on His Lawn”) that we all know don’t need to be taken out of context for a laugh. For instance, Trump described the Republican Unity Lunch as a “lovefest,” just one of many gifts to late-night monologues. On the subject of Trump jacking off to his “ovations,” thankfully Colbert went for the ribald gags.

“Don’t you get it. You’re the president. They have to stand up when you walk in the room. It’s part of the gig. That’s like saying, ‘My proctocologist [sic] loves me so much, he stuck his finger right up my butt.” An accompanying middle-finger gesture by Colbert was blurred.

Colbert went on to express dismay with Trump’s toddler palate—at the “lovefest” he reportedly ate rice and TWO pieces of cherry pie. He must smell of constipated farts. In one clip from the pop-up presser, Trump claims that he did remember to state La David Johnson’s name during his extremely tardy condolence call to the fallen soldier’s widow, saying, “they put a chart,” as he draws the outline of a chart paper in the air, recalling the shape and what was written on the chart, “in front: ‘La David.’”

Colbert then asked the obvious, “Remember when Barack Obama would go on TV to brag about being able to read a name off a chart?”

In all likelihood there will be a bumper crop of joke material tonight and hereon until impeachment.

Below is one of our favorite covers of “The Joker” – from the original Aussie hit sitcom Kath & Kim. Not the ghastly American remake.


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