Let’s Spend The Night Together: Mick Jagger Catches Aja, Milk Drag Show

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RuPaul’s Drag Race fans come in many forms, but the show’s celebrity fans usually fit into certain archetypes: Pretty starlets, comedy/camp icons, pop stars, and, of course, LGBTQ folks.

However, you can now add Singing Mummy Mick Jagger to that list, because the Rolling Stones frontman stopped by Chicago’s Roscoe’s Tavern to watch All Stars 3 queens Aja and self-proclaimed god Milk perform.

Lest you think this was just an accident, and Jagger stumbled into the Tavern during a senility-induced fugue state, there is actual photo evidence showing Jagger enjoying the drag show without any trace of confusion or bewilderment on his face. He is clearly aware that Aja and Milk have penises, and he is loving it.

Jagger has flirted with androgynous lewks for decades. He famously portrayed a drag queen named “Greta” in the 1997 film adaptation of the stage play, “Bent.” The play and film revolve around the Nazi persecution of gays in Germany. Ian McKellen originated the lead role in the U.K. and Richard Gere starred in the hit Broadway production. 

Anyway, our other takeaway from this is that Roscoe’s is the new must-see hotspot to visit in Chicago. Iggy Azalea introduced her latest single there earlier in February alongside Shea Coulee and Frita Lay, and now, Mick Jagger.

We can only hope that he judges an episode of Drag Race now and flirts with everyone in the room, including RuPaul, then sneaks backstage during Untucked and tries hitting on Blair St. Clair.

“But I’m in the middle of an emotional video call with my mom,” she’ll protest.

“Psh, this will make for better ratings,” he’ll reply. “Let’s fuck in the Shade Tree.”

And that is how Mick Jagger and Blair St. Clair will get married.

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