From Mr. Leather To The Honorable Governor Of Texas?

Politics reports that businessman and former Mr. International Leather Jeffery Payne has announced that he is running for governor of Texas, challenging Republican incumbent Greg Abbott, who he characterizes as a “disaster for Texans” and a governor who “offers nothing in the way of new ideas.”

“Texas needs a governor who believes in real Texas values, like integrity, honesty, freedom and independence,” Payne said in a statement announcing his candidacy. “It’s time we stopped wasting our time and money on silly legislation and start investing our time finding ways to help Texans, their families and businesses prosper.”

Payne pointed to his history of success as a businessman — from his respected court reporting firm, to his real estate dealings and his thriving nightclub, The Dallas Eagle. The candidate said he makes no secret of his active involvement in the Dallas LGBT community or his history as a former International Mr. Leather, a title that gave him a platform to promote many charity events.Jeffery Payne

He has chosen to run for the governor’s office because he holds a strong commitment to real Texas values and truly believes he can make a positive difference in Texas politics as usual.

“It’s time we stopped letting the Republican Party run unopposed in this state,” Payne declared. “We need a governor who is not a career bureaucrat, but one with real world experience and dedication to making Texas a better, safer and healthier place for all Texans.”

Governor Abbott was recently trolled on Twitter by activist, trans-woman Ashley Smith. Smith posed with the all-smiles governor after he announced his re-election campaign in San Antonio. Smith captioned the photo, “How will the Potty Police know I’m transgender if the Governor doesn’t?” Texas has tried to pass a North Carolina-type law requiring trans people to use public restrooms corresponding to their birth certificate gender. Many prominent CEOs and executives from more than a dozen Dallas-based corporations – including American Airlines and AT&T have come against the discriminatory bill, saying it would seriously hurt the state’s ability to attract new businesses, investments and jobs.trollingabbott

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