Naked Talent: Male Nudists Invited To Attend ‘Afterglow’ Show


When’s the last time you hung out with a bunch of queer men who were all naked or semi-naked for no apparent reason? Oh, yesterday? Well, here’s another opportunity.

The play Afterglow is ramping up its marketing by inviting a male-identifying nudist group called Go Naked to its show on Sunday — except for their shoes. The reason? Because the actors of Afterglow are “emotionally naked” … or something.Screen Shot at PM

“It’s not about sexual drives or being an exhibitionist,” said an event organizer from Go Naked. “There’s something more authentic about the connection you can make when you’re naked.”

Afterglow follows a married gay couple who welcome a third person into the mix and then have to deal with the emotional consequences. It was recently extended despite receiving mixed reviews.

“But the nudity in the show is not a gimmick,” said playwright S. Asher Gelman,  who may not be aware that the show’s marketing team has been promoting the show on Facebook primarily by sharing pics of the lead actors making out naked in the shower. “It’s meant to be an exploration of the way we are in real life. Nudity can be very unsexy.” (Except for in this show. The nudity in this show is very sexy.)Screen Shot at PM

While nudity has been used as a marketing ploy for a piece of theater before — as seen in a “clothing optional” performance of Hair in London earlier this month — this may be (amazingly) the first time it has been used on queer men.


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