McCain Burns Trump: ‘We Don’t Answer To Him’

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In the 2008 election season, disdain for Senator John McCain (R AZ) was plenty, mostly for bringing toxic snowbilly grifter Sarah Palin, then governor of Alaska, into his fold as his running mate. Flagrant readers more than likely would not often align themselves with the cantankerous Republican, but his sane presence in the Senate is…

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Bravo’s Andy Cohen Invites You Inside


Andy Cohen, the hardest working man in TV’s laziest format, recently opened the doors of his duplex apartment to Elle Decor, and what’s inside is surprisingly tasteful. Located in the West Village, Cohen recently purchased the unit above his and commissioned architect Gordon Kahn and interior designer Eric Hughes to merge the units into one….

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Celebrate Lily Tomlin’s Birthday By Watching Some Of Her Finest Moments

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To call Lily Tomlin a national treasure seems a very conservative compliment. The out entertainer, who turns 78 today, is loved the world over for an incredible array of characters she’s brought to life (many written by her talented wife, Jane Wagner) both in film, as well as on television and the live stage. Tomlin…

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Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Predicts NFL ‘Getting Closer’ To Welcoming Out Players

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In the recent swirl of hot flatulence of homophobia and anti-LGBTQ sentiment from our so-called faith leaders and Trump, it’s a relief to ponder National Football League quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ refreshing, sensitive viewpoints. “I think society is finally moving in the right direction, as far as treating all people with respect and love and acceptance…

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Brit ‘Brokeback’ ‘God’s Own Country’ Opens To Raves in U.K.

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Because we are currently obsessed with remakes, reboots, and franchises, it is refreshing to hear of an original, highly acclaimed film – and queer-themed, too! God’s Own Country, a British movie that has been getting a lot of awards and attention and due to the premise – a gay romance between two blue-collar men that’s…

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Armie Hammer Loves Henry Cavill’s Nipples As Much As We Do

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Henry Cavill went boating with a couple of pals and did his legions of fans a solid by posting a shirtless pic. Getting some R&R in before the summer slips away. Worry not though, my moustache continues to thrive… #Seastache A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on Aug 29, 2017 at 11:57am PDT This…

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LGBTQ-Phobic Evangelical Christian ‘Nashville Statement’ Condemned

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Earlier this week, a document called the “Nashville Statement” was released by the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW), and signed by a garbage load of over 150 huckster zealots.  Many evangelical “leaders” on the list attached fishy-sounding credentials like “Co-founder, Pure Freedom” (an organization that could easily be a lubricant manufacturer), “President, FIRE…

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Stellar Cast Assembled For Gay Conversion Drama ‘Boy Erased’

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YouTube star/musician Troye Sivan, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea and Tony winner Cherry Jones have just joined the cast of gay conversion drama, Boy Erased. The already impressive cast features Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Manchester By The Sea’s breakout star Lucas Hedges, Joel Edgerton and filmmaker/actor Xavier Dolan. Emily Hinkler, David Joseph Craig, Jesse…

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As If! MTV Launches ’90’s House,’ A Retro-Themed Game Show

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It’s Big Brother meets BBC’s Victorian Slum House meets Saved by the Bell meets The Real World. It’s MTV’s latest stab at cultural relevance, 90’s House. Here’s the premise: twelve Millennial housemates will be deprived of their everyday gear and gadgets (skinny jeans, soy lattes, cell phones, laptops, etc) and will stay in a ‘90s-inspired…

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