Spicer Quits, Leaving Behind The Island Of Misfit Toys

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It’s got to be among the world’s worst gigs – lying for a man who changes his version of the truth several times a day. Today, White House press secretary Sean Spicer finally jumped ship. A man who had been mocked mercilessly since Day One, trying his best to cover up the outrageous lies of…

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Lana Del Rey Delivers More Love, Loss, Lust


The torch singer of the Internet era and definitive style icon for Coachella basic bitches has dropped her new album, Lust for Life and the mixed/good reviews are saying it goes beyond her usual brand of tragic romance, glamour and sadness.   Lana Del Rey (born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant – think Downton Abbey extra) has…

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Gay-For-Pay Videos Ruined My Life, Says Model Michael Hoffman


Michael Hoffman, a tattooed body builder who developed a fervent social media following after filming a series of erotic solo videos, now says he regrets his decision and claims the explicit proctological nude clips have ruined his life. “‘My decision four years ago to start making videos has really fucked me up. I can’t go anywhere….

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Maddow Places Attorney General On Resignation Watch After Trump Tantrum


Rachel Maddow has placed Attorney General Jeff Sessions on “resignation watch” after President Trump stated to the The New York Times that he wouldn’t have hired him [Session] if he knew he was going to recuse himself from the Russian investigation. Before the run-up to the election, during early campaigning for the Republican nomination,  Sessions…

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james mcavoy professor xavier

James McAvoy Can’t Stop Talking About Shaving His Privates

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James McAvoy is a very versatile actor. Just take a look at his work in films that range from high dramas such as Atonement to special effects extravaganzas like the X-Men franchise. Yet, while making a guest appearance Wednesday on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the 38-year-old performer once again discussed his “nethers,” as he…

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Good Housekeeping Gets Stranger With Amy Sedaris

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Take your steaming pile of Goop and shove it, Gwyneth dear. There’s a new sheriff in town; and she’s got a new TV show. Comic tsunami and DIY doyenne Amy Sedaris will bring Gay Christmas early this fall with the launch of her 10-episode scripted comedy series At Home With Amy Sedaris. Presenting network TruTV…

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Photo Exhibit Captures Post-Stonewall NYC Cruising Scene


After years of being overlooked by the fine art world, Alvin Baltrop’s photography is finally getting much deserved recognition. As reported by Vice, an exhibit titled, “At the Hudson River Piers” will showcase Baltrop and the photographs he took of the gay sex scene there from the mid 1970s through the late 1980s. In 1972,…

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Liza Minnelli Murder Mystery Focus Of Arrested Development Season Five


Hot on the high heels of cliffhangers like “Who shot J.R.?” and “Who killed Laura Palmer?” (by a few decades, mind you) comes the queerest murder mystery of them all: Who killed Liza Minnelli? Before you don your black fedora and collapse in a fit of gay mourning, be aware that this unspeakable act relates to…

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Thirsty Thursday: Claws Star Jack Kesy


The surprise summer hit of basic cable, TNT’s Claws has been renewed for a second season. Qu’est-que c’est Claws, say you? It doesn’t really matter. It has something to do with ghetto nails, the Dixie Mafia, strip clubs, Booty Bass, synchronized swimming interludes, Niecy Nash in a push-bra, and a whole lot of Forever 21…

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