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Did The NRA Really Threaten To Fist The New York Times?


Apparently gun owners have fetishes, too. In a completely revolting, violence-condoning ad for the National Rifle Association (NRA, for people unfamiliar with this misguided organization), a former conservative radio host/internet trolll named Dana Loesch looks directly into the camera and tells the New York Times she wants to (this is open to debate) either fisk or fist them because the Gray Lady spreads “fake news,” and promotes “constant protection of your democrat overlords.” Whatever. Fisk is a word rarely used by the mainstream media that refers to refuting an article’s statements. Fist means, well, you can figure that out for yourself.

“Consider this the shot across your bow,” Loesch said in the ad. “We’re going to [fist or fisk] the New York Times and find out just what deep rich means to this old gray hag.” She continued her creed, saying essentially yadda, yadda.

Those who heard “fist” immediately responded with ridicule. Loesch responded right back with a tweet.

But Loesch forgot that the NRA’s hashtag on the original tweet was the giveaway.

Watch the ad below and judge for yourself.

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