Out Obama-Era Ambassador Rufus Gifford Wants Your Vote


President Trump’s ongoing shitting of the national bed is continuing to inspire queer people across the country to run for office.

Rufus Gifford, a former Obama-era ambassador to Denmark and current gay daddy, is angling to be the Democratic nominee for Massachusetts’ 3rd congressional district in the U.S. House. Gifford is the second openly gay man and eighth human overall to place a bid for this particular spot in next year’s election. Oh, and like someone else, was a rather well-known reality TV star.

“Like so many of you, I woke up a year ago shocked and heartbroken by the election of Donald Trump,” Gifford says in a video announcement of his bid. “As someone who worked for President Obama for 10 years, helping elect him twice and implement his policies, the idea that that profound legacy was at risk on health care, on climate, on equality, that was devastating for me.”

Gifford, who also served as a fundraiser for Obama’s campaigns, appears to be a handsome, masc-identifying white man with no distracting personal traits other than his tendency to emphatically gesticulate. That makes him a perfect fit for the House, which only holds six openly gay members — four of whom are masc-identifying white men.

But seriously…Dat gesticulating tho. In his video, Gifford switches between swinging his hands through the air and pinching his fingers together dramatically. It’s like he received a double hand transplant in a horrific accident, but his hands used to belong to Salt Bae. His hand motions also seem relegated to just a few imaginary 90 degree axes, as if his robot creators forgot to implement human-like shoulder and elbow joints into his product design.

Despite all that, however, Gifford’s hotness and political experience should still give him an edge in the race for the state’s 3rd congressional district, which is heavily Democratic. He also has nice things to say about how his family has always been rooted in Massachusetts and about how he’s running “in part because … people have lost faith and trust in government and politics and” — sorry, we just got distracted by his hands again.

Sorry, but do excessive hand motions really work in politics? Like, if the American people responded to people emphatically pointing at them, then wouldn’t Pearl have won RuPaul’s Drag Race?


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