Palm Springs Elects 100% LGBTQ Council


Anti-Trump folks had a breath of fresh oxygen after Tuesday’s election night, with Democrats dominating the wins and some historical LGBTQ victories throughout the nation.

The city of Palm Springs, too, had a contest, with voters electing Lisa Middleton, a transgender woman, and Christy Holstege, a millennial woman identifying as bisexual. The existing city council includes two openly gay members, plus the mayor of Palm Springs is openly gay, making the entire city council 100% LGBTQ.

Middleton is the first transgender person in California to be elected to a non-judicial office—Victoria Kolakowski, a transgender woman, was voted in as an Alameda County Superior Court judge in 2010. Holstege holds the distinction of being the first millennial to win a spot on the desert resort town’s city council.

According to former mayor Ron Oden, a third of the Palm Springs population identifies as LGBTQ. Palms Springs has a 100 scorecard on the Human Rights Campaign’s 2017 Municipal Equality Index.

Tuesday’s election results went beyond the great news for Palm Springs and Flagrant’s new best friend Danica Roem. Jenny Durkan, an openly lesbian candidate, became the first woman elected as Seattle mayor in 91 years. Andrea Jenkins won 73% of the vote in a race for the Ward 8 city council seat in Minneapolis, becoming the first transgender person of color elected to any office in the United States since Althea Garrison was elected (as a Republican) to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1992. Tyler Titus, a 33-year-old father of two boys, became the first transgender person elected in Pennsylvania by winning a spot on the Erie School Board.


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