‘Pretty’ Funny: Amy Schumer Returns With Body Positive Comedy


Remember when people loved Amy Schumer? But then they hated her, because of a few problematic stunts and, well, sexism? Well, now people are loving her again.

In her latest appearance on Ellen, Schumer showed up dressed like a baby — and while we kind of wish she had gone full “adult baby” and donned an Amy Merryweather Sherman voice, we’re still snickering at the stunt.

“Well, everyone in Hollywood [is] obsessed with youth,” she confided to Ellen. “And I was like, ‘I wanna work in this town,’ so I just took it one step further.” She then popped in a pacifier.

“But let’s not just focus on my appearance, because this is an important time for women,” she added. The hilarious line was a shout-out to the #MeToo and “Time’s Up” movements, as well as a reference to the popular criticism that Schumer is problematic for women.

Schumer also debuted a trailer for a new film, I Feel Pretty, which looks like it’ll not only be hilarious but also position Schumer in the center of our country’s ongoing conversation about body positivity.

The film, which according to Schumer deftly combines “funny” and “sweet,” will follow Schumer’s character after she hits her head and hallucinates that she’s a size zero. Judging by the trailer, the movie will place Schumer in a number of situations in which her delusions are at hilarious odds with the people around her. (Kind of like Milk on All Stars 3.) At one point, she’s so excited about her supposed weight loss that she runs skipping and screaming through a busy street of Manhattan.

The movie will no doubt have Schumer’s character realize at some point that she’s not actually a size zero but should still have the confidence of one. In fact, the movie’s tagline will probably be something like, “A zero lies in you,” which will then become an inspirational Mariah Carey ballad.

In any case, it looks hilarious and it may just be Schumer’s comeback. We just hope it’s more Trainwreck than actual trainwreck.

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