Randy Rainbow Hilariously Parodies Roy Moore, His Supporters


It’s the day of the Alabama Senate race, and passions are running high. As the entire country waits to see if Alabama trusts Donald Trump — a slurring, orange whale —  over the nine women who have accused his preferred candidate, Roy Moore, of sexual assault, we’re all a little on edge. Thankfully, Randy Rainbow is here to sing our worries away. The magical unicorn of wokeness just shared a hilarious Sound of Music parody which hones in on the shocking hypocrisy of the Republican Party.

Rainbow — a sassy-sweet, side-eye-shooting, singing queer equivalent of Stephen Colbert — has made a name for himself as one of the Internet’s premiere political satirists. Always on time with a cute, musical criticism of Trump’s latest bullshit, Rainbow has easily ridden his Trump takedowns to virality. And his takedown of Roy Moore does not disappoint.

During an “interview” with a frazzled, fried Kellyanne Conway — a.k.a. “that 5’7″ bundle of bullshit” — Randy launches into a version of “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” that will have you howling. When Conway embarks on yet another inspiring one-woman battle against truth, Randy interrupts with:

“You wait Kellyanne, with your ashy knees / It’s time that you surrender / You’re backing a man who admits that he’s / a bonafide sex offender.”

He then goes on to blithely list the victims of Roy Moore’s predation and pedophilia:

“She was sixteen going on seventeen / Roy Moore was 32 / Flagrantly lusting, he’s just disgusting / And frankly so are you.”

After a few reprises (“She was seventeen going on eighteen / when she went out with Moore,” etc.), Randy proceeds to call out Republican establishment leaders who have justified Moore’s behavior, before firmly landing on Trump and the entire Republican party:

“[Trump] might get one seat in the Senate, history sure repeats / but you’re still all criminal and unethical hypocrites/ Why not have several seats?”


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