‘RPDR’s Nina Bo’Nina Brown Stuns With Racist Earthquake Comments


Nina Bo’Nina Bin Laden Van Helsing Brown still hasn’t quite got the hang of this whole “being a chill, non-controversial famous person” thing, post RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9. The living face filter has stuck her foot in her mouth, again, with a pair of racist YouTube videos aimed at Valentina fans and the entire population of Mexico. (It’s news whenever someone other than the President of the United States does this.)

Instead of just doing what she normally does and posting a picture of herself looking like a drag sex doll or extraterrestrial love-child, Nina Bazinga Brown recently decided to take a different route with fans: She recorded a YouTube video claiming that a recent deadly earthquake was “karma” for Valentina fans who had previously slammed Nina with racist epithets. Setting aside the shittiness of Valentina fans and the inherent absurdity of being hit with racist attacks just for criticizing their chosen god, this was pretty uncool of Nina Bo’NeoNazi Brown. Last time we checked, Valentina’s fanbase didn’t comprise all of Mexico.

But you’d think that after all these months in the public eye, Nina No’Chilla Brown would have thought twice before doubling down on her racism and recording yet another missive directed at Mexicans, right? Nah.

In an even more recent YouTube video, “Mexico against me,” (a little on the nose but OK), Brown broke out the standard reality star bullshit about how her remarks were edited and taken out of context. GIRL, that doesn’t work when you’re the bitch editing the video.


“Why does is seem that Mexican people are so gullible and like to believe everything they see or hear?” she asked.

Oh no.

“All of a sudden you are all ‘Team Mexico’, my country my country, but where were y’all when Donald Trump was talking about building a wall?” Brown continued. “Where were y’all with all the negative comments that he said?”

Nina, we’d pull out the receipts, but they’d literally fill ten more articles.

Brown trudged on: “Instead y’all are all on my page talking about a country you all want to escape from and cross the border … I don’t understand what the issue is, but I have done nothing wrong. Talking about an apology? Girl, you will never get an apology from me. You will never get a sorry. You will never get a thank you note. No ma’am honey.”

Nina, girl, it’s time to wake up. Get over season 9 and find smarter ways to capitalize on your fame. Your #1 goal right now should be moving out of your momma’s basement. Also, everything you said is, like, super racist.

From Nina’s Instagram:

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