Santa Is A Married, Gay Black Man


Just in time for National Coming Out Day, there’s a new children’s book which portrays Santa as a black gay man living happily with his partner in the North Pole. Santa’s Husband, which is reportedly a very sweet, heartfelt story about Santa’s successful long-term relationship, started out as a satirical tweet in which the author, Daniel Kibblesmith said he wanted to have a kid one day who was totally cool with Santa being black and gay.

“We would have this extremely woke baby who was open to a Santa Claus with all kinds of orientations,” Kibblesmith recently told Vice.

But because nothing in this country is sacred — not even Santa — racist and homophobic trolls have criticized Kibblesmith’s interpretation of Santa as a heartless attack on America and all of humankind. But according to him, they’re too cowardly to come forward and admit it. Santas Xmas

“People who are angry about it tend to be anonymous,” he said. “People who are excited about it tend to want to talk to us in a really intimate way on social media with their names, their faces and their biographies.”

He continued:

“Now, this has become something that my wife and I have started quoting sarcastically, because we think that the objection obviously can come from a lot of different places—like a place of racial division, or it can come from a place of homophobia, or just mild discomfort—but I honestly think that most of the objections just come from the general uneasiness of change.”

As Kibblesmith points out in Santa’s Husband, there have been many iterations and interpretations of Santa over the years — and this is just the latest one. As for us, we’re still holding out for a femme bear/genderfuck Tooth Fairy.

Here’s Eartha Kitt singing “Santa Baby,” because why not?



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