Savvy Marketing Or Cowardice? Hit Comedy ‘Blockers’ Kept Queer Storyline Secret

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Here’s something unexpected: The well-reviewed sex comedy Blockers, which features a scene in which John Cena butt-chugs beer and then poops it into his friend’s face, is the best thing for queer rights since Harvey Milk. Don’t quote us on that.

With a current domestic box office haul of $53.1 million, Blockers is certainly attracting a decent-sized audience. But thanks to a stealthy marketing campaign which excludes the film’s integral queer coming out storyline, the movie is attracting an audience (i.e. homophobic straight people) that would normally balk at sensitive, realistic storylines about queer people. Thus, Blockers is forcing those people to sympathize with its queer character and see her as a fully-fledged human with actual feelings. That’s why it’s entirely possible that the raunchy film — which features an extended sequence of vomiting — is doing more for the normalization of queer people than the Supreme Court’s landmark 2015 decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Again, don’t quote us on that.blockers movie limo picture universal

There’s no doubt that the movie’s trailers and video promos are leaving out the film’s queerness as a way to pander… er umm… appeal to as many people as possible. Just the mere fact that there is currently a Blockers poster at Manhattan’s bustling 168th Street subway station is an indication that the movie wants to attract audiences who would normally avoid a “queer” movie. (For reference, the neighborhood surrounding 168th Street has just as many people shouting “faggot” as it does people shouting the price of bananas.) And sure, Blockers representatives reached out to queer media outlets prior to the film’s release and mentioned the film’s queer storyline, but overall the film ‘s marketing blitz focused on the film’s straight-friendly portions, such as when the evil boss from Office Space jackhammers his wife.

And that, dear readers, is why Blockers — which features a sequence that milks comedy out of a middle-aged man’s floppy penis — is the To Kill a Mockingbird of queer cinema. You can quote us on that.


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