Say ‘Anything’: New Trailer Features Matt Bomer As Trans Sex Worker

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A new trailer just dropped for Matt Bomer’s latest starring vehicle Anything, an indie romance-drama opening May 11 that earned “respectable” reviews when it debuted at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival. And to answer your first question: No, this isn’t a prequel to Say Anything. Some of you will recall the controversy that arose when the role of the film’s trans character went to Bomer instead of a more deserving trans actor.

But here’s the real tea now that we’ve had a chance to watch the trailer. It’s obviously a problem that Bomer, a cis- actor, stole this role from a more marginalized trans performer, but the issue no one is addressing is how unfair it is that Matt Bomer is as ridiculously, jealousy-inspiringly hot as a woman as he is a man. It seems that the Normal Heart star’s Faustian eternal blood pact with Ryan Murphy has finally paid off and infused him with lifelong career options and unyielding fuckability.

As for the trailer itself, it seems promising enough. There are the usual clichés reserved for trans characters in dramas — a scene in which Bomer’s character is victimized, a scene in which Bomer’s character is marginalized — but the acting from both Bomer and John Carroll Lynch’s (American Horror Story‘s Twisty the Clown/John Wayne Gacy) protagonist Early practically sashays off the screen.

The film, which is based on Timothy McNeil’s play of the same name, has been called a “touching, tentative love story,” and judging by the trailer, it focuses on Lynch’s character as he recovers from the death of his wife and moves to Los Angeles — where he then meets Bomer’s Freda.

Although high-profile trans performers Jen Richards and Sense8 star Jamie Clayton have openly criticized Bomer’s role in Anything, the film’s openly trans associate producer Kylene K. Steele has told IndieWire she is “really upset” by the criticisms of the movie and that she hopes Bomer will be judged solely on his competent acting. “And his eternal hotness,” she added in her head.



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