Schumer, Sarandon Make Campaign Contributions To Gay Man Challenging Bigot Kim Davis

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There’s a historic, climactic battle of good and evil happening in Kentucky right now — and it’s all over who gets to sit in a chair and file paperwork.

Actrevists Amy Schumer and Susan Sarandon have thrown their money behind David Ermold, the Democratic candidate challenging Kim Davis for the role of county clerk in Rowan County. Davis, of course, is a woman who made national headlines in 2015 for refusing to give a marriage license to a same-sex couple after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. And Ermold, of course, is one of the gay peeps she refused to give it to.

Let’s pause for a moment and appreciate the fact that two millionaire A-listers have influenced the election for a county clerk position in the 47th largest county in Kentucky. Realistically, the most dramatic thing that Ermold will ever do after he wins is place a Rowan County seal on a sheet of 8.5” x 11” scented paper, but alas, here we are. An Emmy winner and an Oscar winner have just donated 0.0001% of their net worths to make sure their guy ends up being the one organizing sheets in Excel. (In Sarandon’s case, she donated $800, which is basically just dinner at Urasawa — but she was probably only trying to win back goodwill from progressives after her previous support of Jill Stein.)Web front hero

“I am running to restore the confidence of the people in our clerk’s office and because I believe that the leaders of our community should act with integrity and fairness, and they should put the needs of their constituents first,” Ermold said at the time of his campaign announcement.

So is this just where we are, America? Looking for glimmers of hope wherever we can?

Has Kim Davis’ ergonomic swivel chair become a symbol for the soul of our country? Has her blue partially-chewed Bic pen become a proxy for our freedom?

Is Amy Schumer the new godmother of American democracy?

Will Ermold remember to make a new pot of coffee whenever he has the last cup???

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