Senators Pound “Reckless, Undignified” Trump

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Unlike Princess Ivanka, GOP Senator Jeff Flake (AZ) will not be complicit in fueling the runaway train crashing through the Capitol.

Following Senator Bob Corker, Flake yesterday announced he will not seek re-election for his Senate seat. Realistically, Flake would have faced a tough Republican primary battle next August against former Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward. Ward is reportedly backed by evil hedge fund sick fuck Robert Mercer, ergo Steve Bannon. The Mercer Family Foundation, run by his daughter Rebekah, bankrolls Breitbart News.

“There may not be a place for a Republican like me in the current Republican climate or the current Republican Party,” Flake told the Arizona Republic newspaper. “Here’s the bottom line: The path that I would have to travel to get the Republican nomination is a path I’m not willing to take, and that I can’t in good conscience take. It would require me to believe in positions I don’t hold on such issues as trade and immigration and it would require me to condone behavior that I cannot condone.”

Flake then made his way to the Senate floor, where in his polite manner, he went full throttle in his criticism of President Bone Spurs with cameras rolling.

“I have children and grandchildren to answer to. And so, Mr. President, I will not be complicit or silent,” he stated in grave concern for Wacko-in-Chief’s abysmal conduct, which Flake went on to say is the “regular and casual undermining of our democratic norms and ideals.”

Trumpoupage, who before today pledged $10 million towards Flake’s defeat in the AZ primary, must be beside his orange self to hear such condemnation.

“We must stop pretending that the conduct of some in our executive branch are normal. They are not normal. Reckless, outrageous and undignified behavior has been excused as ‘telling it like it is’ when it is actually just reckless, outrageous, and undignified,” Flake expounded from the Senate floor. “And when such behavior emanates from the top of our government, it is something else. It is dangerous to a democracy.”

Senator John McCain told Talking Points Memo he was sorry the junior Arizona senator was calling it quits. “He’s one of the most honorable men I’ve ever known.”

McCain, currently being treated for a glioblastoma brain cancer, has lately also been a thorn in Trump’s side by merely speaking out with reason, legislative experience and honor. He appeared on The View Monday—in part to celebrate the birthday of his daughter Meghan who is a cohost on the ABC talk show—giving his loose take on Trump repeatedly stepping in his own shit regarding U.S. Green Berets killed this month in Niger and veterans in general.

“We are in very challenging times, my friends,” McCain said. “We should not be fighting about a brave American who lost his life fighting for this country.”

Wealthy Trump at conscript age finagled five draft deferments because of supposed bone spurs. In 2015, Trump criticized McCain for being captured during the Vietnam War.

Also not wanting to be complicit with the toxic slop of Trump’s GOP, Senator Bob Corker (TN) announced in September he would not be running for reelection in 2018. Since he is unencumbered, Corker has been freely and accurately criticizing Trump, and today offered some doozies to the press.

“I think at the end of the day when his term is over, I think the debasement of our nation is what he’ll be remembered most for, and that’s regretful. It affects young people,” he told CNN. “I mean, we have young people who for the first time are watching a president, stating, you know, absolute nontruths nonstop. Personalizing things in the way that he does. It’s very sad for our nation.”

About Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020, Corker first expressed regret at having backed him in 2016.

“Let’s just put it this way, I would not do that again. No way. No way.”

In the wake of the deadly Charlottesville, Virginia, rally Corker stated the administration is trying to “purposely divide” the nation. Corker is also troubled about Grump’s lying-as-bitch ways.

“Unfortunately, I think world leaders are very aware that much of what he says is untrue,” said the senator. “Certainly people here are because these things are provably untrue, I mean, they are factually incorrect and people know the difference. So I don’t know why he lowers himself to such a low, low standard, and debases our country in a way that he does, but he does.”

In previous times, Flagrant readers would likely not be listening so intently to what Senators Corker, Flake and McCain, all Republicans, would be saying. Yet here we are, and these are explosive warnings of something wicked festering with this supposed leader of the U.S. who, as Corker has observed, lacks “the desire to be competent.”

The departure of Flake and Corker (who both have been praised by their peers across the aisle for their decency) leaves the Senate with a lack of GOP legislators willing to stand up to Trump. Furthermore, it throws any possibility of Democrats winning control of the Senate up in the air. Regarding the vacancies made by the outgoing Senators, the next Republican candidates vying to fill those seats will no doubt be more Trump-friendly.

Something very Trump-unfriendly happened earlier today when a protester threw several small Russian flags at the president, while shouting “Trump is treason!” The Trumpster was on Capitol Hill discussing his ever-changing tax plan, when he broke for a lunch break with Mitch McConnell and was accosted by our new hero, Ryan Clayton. Clayton is believed to be a member of the activist group Americans Take Action and thought to be the same person who attempted to hand Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner a Russian flag in July.


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