Snatching Crowns: ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 3’ Drops New Trailer

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If you heard a scattered collection of gay screams yesterday, it was because the first full-length trailer for RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 3 just hit the Internet.

With just a little over a month before nine queens vie to succeed Chad Michaels and Alaska Thunderfuck as the next All Star, this glittery trailer promises that the queens of All Stars 3 are “fired up and ready to take over the mother-tucking world.”

As a bonus, all the queens in the trailer bust out new catchphrases and do their best to intimidate their competition. Chi Chi DeVayne, ever the butch glamour puss, rolls out her Southern drawl before finally giving into her K-Hole and fondling a nearby chandelier. Thorgy Thor, on the other hand, screams that she feels “incredible” before smashing everything around her like an angry customer at Pottery Barn. Aja, for her part, just stands there.

The video is below if you want to see Trixie Mattel switch moods like a malfunctioning Stepford Wife, or if you haven’t already gotten your daily fix of Kennedy Davenport overdoing it. The adorably demented BenDeLaCreme gets bonked on the head with a mirrored disco ball. Morgan McMichaels might have the best promo spot, though, as she innocently asks “Competition? What competition?” before snapping a $15 TJ Maxx pump in half.

After these ritual displays of beauty and dominance, all of the queens congregate underneath Queen Ru to writhe around like an orgiastic constellation of fake boobs. There’s dancing, popping of balloons, more screaming, and a charming milk pun. (Btw, Is Milk going to wear that muscle suit for the entire season? Also … Holy shit, we just realized her outfit is a play on “Muscle Milk.” That’s incredibly clever. She wins.)

The nine queens of All Stars 3 will grace us with their presence on January 25th on VH1. 


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