Spicer Quits, Leaving Behind The Island Of Misfit Toys

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It’s got to be among the world’s worst gigs – lying for a man who changes his version of the truth several times a day. Today, White House press secretary Sean Spicer finally jumped ship. A man who had been mocked mercilessly since Day One, trying his best to cover up the outrageous lies of a president who can’t be bothered with facts, could take no more.

Spicer’s final indignation – and there were so many – came when Trump appointed personal friend, financier Anthony Scaramucci as the new White House communications director over Spicer’s objection. Scaramucci comes to the job wholly unqualified for the position. A surprise to no one, as Trump’s filled his staff and cabinet with grossly unfit Yes men and (a few) women.SpicersWorldMini

At times, one almost pitied Spicer. A man so obviously out of his depth, having to face a roomful of reporters who braced themselves for the latest barrage of steaming b.s., fresh from the Oval Office. Spicer was unprepared, belligerent, combative one moment, fumbling and bumbling the next.

But it takes a special kind of sycophant to show up for work day in, day out, knowing in your tiny, dessicated heart that you are misleading the press and public. Spicer is not alone in his blind devotion and loyalty to Trump. He leaves behind a rogues gallery of broken, dead-eyed spokespersons who will carry on. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who will now fill Spicer’s spot behind the podium as the new press secretary, strategist/counselor Kellyanne Conway and weaselly senior policy adviser and speechwriter Stephen Miller. The lot of them, adrift on an island of misfit toys.

And we all lose because this means Melissa McCarthy is also out of a gig. Her Emmy-nominated “Spicey” impersonation on SNL was brilliant, hilariously spot-on and helped illuminate these dark times.

What’s next for Spicer? Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of him. He made such a great Easter Bunny during the G.W. Bush years. Maybe Trump will give him a temp gig.spicerbunny

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