Stormy’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview Details Trump Affair, Cover Up, Threats

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Throughout his career, Anderson Cooper has visited disaster zones and fought for the disenfranchised, all while living his life openly and honestly — but yesterday, he reached new heights by bravely interviewing a porn star.

Unfortunately, the biggest “revelations” from Cooper’s Sunday night interview with Stormy Daniels  — which Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti had hyped as the Interview of the Century — were mostly things we already knew or at least expected.

Appearing on “60 Minutes” last night, Daniels “revealed” that an unfamiliar man had approached her and her infant daughter in a parking lot in 2011 and suggested she could lose her life if she went public about her affair with Trump. “That’s a beautiful little girl,” he allegedly said. “It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.” However, this reveal had already been hinted at a week ago — so its potentially explosive nature was softened.

Daniels also told Cooper that Trump only had sex with her for the first time after he decided she reminded him of his daughter Ivanka, which is pretty disgusting — but not news. Former playmate Karen McDougal has already made the same claim about Trump.

Oh, and she also hinted that Trump hadn’t been sleeping with Melania as early as 2006 — but, like, we already assumed that. Just look at the man.

According to Cooper, there were far more titillating details that CNN chose not to air in order to maintain a serious tone throughout the interview — which is pretty rude, tbh. But we also tuned in to see how Daniels’ confession would affect Trump’s run as President — and in that sense, the interview did not disappoint. Smartly, Cooper decided to frame Daniels’ account of the affair within the context of how it could affect Trump’s legal situation.

According to CNN’s reporting, and an interview with Trevor Potter, former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, Trump could be in real legal trouble due to his lawyer Michael Cohen’s 2016 decision to pay off Daniels and disguise the payment as a campaign contribution.

Avenetti continues to tease us with cliffhangers and dragging out this affair, causing maximum damage to Trump’s already busted credibility.

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