Doll Parts: Let’s Cast Barbie Movie Starring Margot Robbie

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Last week, Warner Brothers and Mattel announced a star for their live-action Barbie movie, thus breathing new life into a project that had originally been an Amy Schumer vehicle. This iteration features a touching, body-positive storyline about loving yourself unconditionally. Now, in the time-honored tradition of having Barbie look like she just finished doing several…

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Schumer, Sarandon Make Campaign Contributions To Gay Man Challenging Bigot Kim Davis

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There’s a historic, climactic battle of good and evil happening in Kentucky right now — and it’s all over who gets to sit in a chair and file paperwork. Actrevists Amy Schumer and Susan Sarandon have thrown their money behind David Ermold, the Democratic candidate challenging Kim Davis for the role of county clerk in…

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Grace Jones Returns, Plus 6 More Movies To Check Out In April

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Looking for a movie option other than your fiftieth double feature of Love, Simon and Greatest Showman? We gotchu. Here are seven April movies that may temporarily restore your faith in Hollywood. A Quiet Place (April 6) – We’ve hearted Emily Blunt ever since The Devil Wears Prada, but have been less than impressed with…

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‘Pretty’ Funny: Amy Schumer Returns With Body Positive Comedy


Remember when people loved Amy Schumer? But then they hated her, because of a few problematic stunts and, well, sexism? Well, now people are loving her again. In her latest appearance on Ellen, Schumer showed up dressed like a baby — and while we kind of wish she had gone full “adult baby” and donned…

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‘Justice League’ Star Ezra Miller Told It Was A ‘Mistake’ To Come Out

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With a formidable haul of critical acclaim behind him and two high-profile roles in major franchises ahead of him, Ezra Miller has all the makings of a Hollywood heavyweight. But as a queer man, Miller must also carry the weight of the entire LGBTQ rights movement. While Miller may be the first openly queer actor…

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