Kathy Griffin Attacks Frenemy Anderson Cooper As ‘Spineless Heiress’


The griping Griffin is at it again! This time, Kathy Griffin has declared to The Daily Beast that her attorney Lisa Bloom is “badgering” her and that her ex-bestie, Anderson Cooper, is a “spineless heiress.” The raunchy stand-up comic will apparently chop off anyone’s head if it will give her some media attention. This time…

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Giggly BFFs Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen To Host CNN NYE Fete


If you thought Christmas Eve was gay, mark your calendars, dears. That New Year’s Eve thing that CNN’s Anderson Cooper copped from Dick Clark (who’s now hosting American Bandstand from the great beyond)? Coop bestie/TV exec Andy Cohen will serve as cohost for this year’s version of the televised Times Square event, now officially called…

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She’s Baaaaaaaack. Unapologetic Kathy Griffin Returns


Remember when Kathy Griffin did that awesome/grotesque/characteristically shocking thing? You know the thing. No, not that thing. No, not that thing either. The other thing. The thing where she leaked photos of herself holding a fake decapitated Trump head. Remember when she then proceeded to let her fans down by apologizing for it? Well, she…

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Anderson Cooper Is Not Having Professional Liar Sean Spicer


TV personalities like Stephen Colbert and James Corden might be willing to cut Sean Spicer some slack, but CNN host Anderson Cooper has not forgotten what this former Easter Bunny impersonator and hedge enthusiast did to our country. Coop came out immediately fighting dirty in his response to a recent clip of Spicer saying he…

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Bravo’s Andy Cohen Invites You Inside


Andy Cohen, the hardest working man in TV’s laziest format, recently opened the doors of his duplex apartment to Elle Decor, and what’s inside is surprisingly tasteful. Located in the West Village, Cohen recently purchased the unit above his and commissioned architect Gordon Kahn and interior designer Eric Hughes to merge the units into one….

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Who Is The Hottest News Man?

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If this new presidential administration has accomplished anything at all, it’s made us addicted to watching news programs. With the news more depressing than ever and as we watch our civil rights being potentially stripped away, it helps just a bit to have the hourly horrors delivered by appealing gentlemen, such as Gio Benitez or…

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