Flagrant’s Top And Bottoms: 7 Best, 2 Worst LGBTQ Films Of 2017

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It’s been about a year since Moonlight won Best Picture at the Oscars, and the effects of that historical moment have been palpable. Openly queer characters have popped up everywhere from romantic comedies to Marvel superhero spectaculars, and mainstream films with explicit gay sex and full-frontal male nudity have only drawn PG ratings. Even Disney…

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Golden Globe Nominations Announced: ‘Call Me’ Scores 3, Kevin Spacey 0

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The Golden Globe nominations are out, and Kevin Spacey is nowhere to be seen. In fact, the Globes have seemingly gone out of their way to censure the accused sexual predator by nominating his last-minute replacement in All the Money in the World, Christopher Plummer. The Globes have also nominated Michelle Williams for Best Actress…

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Queer Female Characters Lead The Charge At Toronto Film Fest


As Stefan might say, if you’re looking for a whimsical night out at the Toronto International Film Festival, we know just the films for you. TIFF’s hottest new trend is queer women. In addition to Emma Stone doing her best “Emma Stone as Billie Jean King” in Battle of the Sexes, there’s everyone from Evan…

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Five Movies You Definitely Need To See In September

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September is upon us. The blockbuster movies from summer are ending their theatrical runs, yet it’s still a bit early for the obvious awards bait releases. Here are five movies we’re excited about and a couple that may go the distance and score some love from Oscar next year. Battle of the Sexes Release Date:…

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t call me by your name

The Oscars Could Be Very Gay Again Next Year

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When Moonlight won the Academy Award for best picture in February, it was the first time in the 89 year history of the awards that a queer-themed film had claimed that honor. Can history repeat itself in 2018? It could be a gay old time at the Oscars again next year with a quartet of…

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