Watch Closely Now: Does Streisand ‘A Star Is Born’ Deserve Second Look?

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By Joe Ferrelli As the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper take on the rising star/falling star showbiz tale opens around the world, Flagrant looks back at the Barbra Streisand/Kris Kristofferson (Google him, children) juggernaut that rocked the box office, Billboard charts and awards shows in 1976-77. If you count “What Price Hollywood?” (1932), the Streisand/Kristofferson version of…

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Gyllenhaal, Cooper Portraying Leonard Bernstein In Competing Biopics

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Being a straight man in Hollywood can be so hard. There are people on all sides complaining about “diversity” and “representation” and “allowing gay actors to play gay roles,” and all you want to do is play gay enough times to win an Oscar. But alas, dear readers, there’s hope for straight men yet. In…

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Viva Gaga! Vegas Residency, ‘Star Is Born’ Remake Coming Next Year

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There’s an unspoken rule in the music industry that in order to be a next-level queer icon and “that bitch,” you have to complete a Las Vegas residency. Lady Gaga is finally THAT bitch. While we continue our Las Fat-ass residencies of bingeing on The Crown, Gaga will pocket a cool $14 million for performing…

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Lady Gaga: A Star Is Boring

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Forever starved for attention/authenticity/adulation, Lady Gaga is going to debut Five Foot Two, “a documentary about her life” in September. The film will simultaneously debut at the Toronto International Film Festival and on Netflix September 24. She tweeted three short clips of the documentary, showing her in various, artsy Instagram-filtered clips speaking about how she…

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