Meet ‘Tom Boys,’ Female Counterpart To ‘Tom Of Finland’


Tom of Finland, the biopic of influential homoerotic artist Touko Laaksonen, is currently opening around the country, making it a grand occasion to highlight the butch distaff version of the late illustrator’s beefcake contributions to Physique Pictorial magazine. G.B. Jones of Toronto is known as a musician and filmmaker, as well as co-creator (with Bruce…

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Exiled Queer Russian Artist Slava Mogutin Provokes With Bros & Brosephines


Ahead of the August 1st release of his latest book of provocative photography Bros & Brosephines, author/artist Slava Mogutin discusses his life as a gay Russian exile, gender fluidity and the transformative nature of art. Originally born in Siberia, Mogutin and his family moved to Moscow in his early teens. A self-taught journalist, he worked…

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Artist Vaginal Davis Interrogates Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce


Editor’s Note: Genderqueer performance artist, ‘zine queen, independent curator and OG “blacktress” Vaginal Davis recently interviewed transgressive homocore filmmaker Bruce LaBruce. The two olde friends engaged in a lively discussion centered on hot gossip, bad reviews, rebellious female stars and LaBruce’s latest celluloid provocation, The Misandrists, currently playing the international festival circuit. This is the…

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