Channing Tatum Announces ‘Magic Mike’ Musical Hitting Stage Soon

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According to an announcement made by Channing Tatum on Britain’s Got Talent, Magic Mike Live is headed to the Hippodrome Casino in London this November. In other news, Queen Elizabeth just purchased oversized sunglasses, a trench coat, and a booth at the Hippodrome Casino. (She requested a vibrating seat, but the establishment denied her request.) If you…

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From ‘Kingsman’ To ‘Rocket Man,’ Egerton To Portray Elton

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Details are a bit sketchy but hunky Kingsman: The Golden Circle star Taron Egerton has just revealed he will be portraying “Pinball Wizard” Elton John in an upcoming film full of song and dance. Egerton described the film as, “a musical, fantasy, not quite biopic about the early years of Elton John. It’s going to…

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San Diego Comic-Con Embraces LGBTQ Diversity


Will San Diego area hook-up apps explode with Wolverine, Black Panther, Thor, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Jon Snow cosplay pix this weekend? Over 100,000 die-hard fantasy, sci-fi and comic book fans are descending on the sunny SoCal city for the 47th annual Comic-Con. It promises to be another star-studded, panel-filled fest as Hollywood studios, comic…

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