Seth Rogen’s Evolution From Homophobic ‘Superbad’ To Pansexual ‘Future Man’

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By Evan Lambert Living in 2017 can sometimes feel like a long and tantalizing march towards dystopia. Every time Donald Trump opens his mouth, the future looks more authoritarian, and also the bees are dying. But despite the fact that we have a President openly addressing anti-gay groups and a Vice President who wants to…

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Josh Hutcherson Battles Naked Clone In ‘Future Man’


Sometimes life gives you lemons, but other times it gives you a TV show which combines Josh Hutcherson and full-frontal nudity. In Future Man, a hilarious new show on Hulu, Hutcherson (a.k.a. Peeta from the Hunger Games) finds himself at one point squaring off against a clone of himself — a standard development in an…

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