Tears Of A Clown: GOP Attempt To Mock Ted Cruz Rival Fails Spectacularly


Let’s face it. Clowns are creepy AF. “Pennywise” from It is the stuff of nightmares. When serial killer John Wayne Gacy wasn’t murdering boys, he appeared at parties and parades as his alter-ego “Pogo.” Lest we forget Trump’s favorite hamburger clown, Ronald McDonald. There’s a new clown to add to this hellish line-up, Ted Cruz…

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Ellen DeGeneres Amused By Eric Trump’s #DeepState Twitter Conspiracy


Earlier this week, Eric Trump’s brain must have misfired during a short window of time in which his personal caretaker wasn’t around to stop him from embarrassing his family, because he got on Twitter and freely shared his unfiltered thoughts with the world. At 9:18 p.m., which was way past his bedtime, Eric shared a…

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Eminem Obliterates Trump At BET Awards

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Eminem didn’t just burn Trump at the BET Hip Hop Awards Tuesday — he incinerated him. But not before slapping him around, chopping him into tiny pieces, and skewering him on a series of kabobs shaped like Melania. The Emmy-winning rapper dropped a crispy, five minute freestyle rap video lashing out at the President’s racism,…

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‘Roseanne’ Revival Incurs Wrath Of Hysterical Harpies


The Roseanne revival is getting some free publicity as anti-LGBTQ hatemongers One Million Moms is calling for a boycott of the series after it was revealed that the Conner family will include a “gender creative” child. ABC announced that one of the new characters on the show will be Mark, the eight-year old son of…

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Caitlyn Jenner And Other Celebs React To Trans Military Ban

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This morning President Trump proved once again he’s not an ally to the LGBTQ communities by an early morning series of tweets in which he stated he will ban trans people from serving in the military. The bigot commander in chief, who notoriously received five deferments during the Vietnam War, argued that too much is at stake in…

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