R.I.P. Gay Rights Activist, Filmmaker Pat Rocco

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A largely-unsung giant of the LGBTQ rights movement, Pat Rocco was truly a Renaissance man. A singer on a popular TV series, a self-taught filmmaker, a gay rights pioneer and a homeless advocate, Rocco died November 8. He was 84. He was born in 1934 in New York, and as a child, sang to entertain…

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Gay Activist, Archivist Dick Leitsch Shares Sassy Slang


“Because I’m dying, everybody thinks I’m interesting,” Dick Leitsch told his visitor David Kortava of The New Yorker. Leitsch, now in his 80s, had at one time been president of the early gay-rights organization the Mattachine Society, within which he spearheaded campaigns to “end police entrapment and discrimination by local bars.” Leitsch was famously photographed…

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