George Takei’s ‘Naughty Gay Grandpa’ Defense Only Makes Things Worse

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It turns out that it only takes one allegation of sexual misconduct to make George Takei’s famously silky voice go from weirdly comforting to existentially terrifying. On Friday, model Scott R. Bunton accused Takei of groping him against his will, and the story has only gotten worse from there. After Takei categorically denied any funny…

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Gay ‘Golden Girls’ Series Doesn’t Seem To Interest Producers

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Despite The Golden Girls being acknowledged as a classic multiple award-winning sitcom and gay rite-of-passage viewing, a project inspired by the series focusing on a quartet of queer gentlemen of a certain age is having trouble generating interest from television producers. Stan Zimmerman, a veteran producer and writer of the original series, which ran on NBC…

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Set Phasers To Stunning! Gay Couple Boarding Star Trek TV Series

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Queer trekkies received amazing news at San Diego’s Comic-Con when it was announced a gay character would be front and center in the upcoming series, Star Trek Discovery. This will be the first gay character ever in the Star Trek franchise’ 50-plus-year television history. But it gets better – the character will have a love…

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