It’s Like ‘Brokeback Mountain’ But Set At Equinox Plus 3 Alt Versions

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By Evan Lambert If you’ve seen or heard of God’s Own Country, which recently opened in limited release, you’ll understand why audiences are dubbing it “The British Brokeback Mountain.” As I wrote in my review of the film, “There’s homoerotic wrestling, a gay roll in the hay during a two-person herding mission, a memorable moment…

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Scotland Is Having A Queer Moment


Scotland is serving some serious LGBT love this month with an acclaimed gay feature film, an official pardon and the first ever “Waacking and Voguing Festival” in the country famous for kilts, castles, gingers and stunning coastlines. Set in the north of England and Scotland, God’s Own Country has received critical acclaim and numerous festival…

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Film Review: Epic, Poetic ‘God’s Own Country’ Among Year’s Best


By Evan Lambert Johnny Saxby (Josh O’Connor), the protagonist of God’s Own Country, is the kind of guy you’d hook up with in the midst of a full Tuesday night blackout. He’s taciturn and messy, and he wakes up every morning with hangover breath. He’s a proud fuckboy, and his mouth is puckered up in…

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Brit ‘Brokeback’ ‘God’s Own Country’ Opens To Raves in U.K.

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Because we are currently obsessed with remakes, reboots, and franchises, it is refreshing to hear of an original, highly acclaimed film – and queer-themed, too! God’s Own Country, a British movie that has been getting a lot of awards and attention and due to the premise – a gay romance between two blue-collar men that’s…

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t call me by your name

The Oscars Could Be Very Gay Again Next Year

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When Moonlight won the Academy Award for best picture in February, it was the first time in the 89 year history of the awards that a queer-themed film had claimed that honor. Can history repeat itself in 2018? It could be a gay old time at the Oscars again next year with a quartet of…

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